Florida Rapper JCZR Drops New Single ‘More’ | Music News


South Florida artist JCZR has just released his brand-new single “More”, entirely written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by himself.


Fresh off of getting picked up on a total of seven Spotify Editorial playlists, JCZR stepped away from the city for a bit and, with some close friends, went to Joshua Tree for an adventurous weekend.


Being so inspired, he couldn’t wait to get home to make the beat for “More” on his laptop and recording some riffs on his phone to use as the background samples. That results in one of his most masterfully crafted songs to date.


Puerto-Rico born JCZR is one of those rare artists who are able to do the entire process for a song at the highest quality; he’s not only a vocalist, but also a songwriter, producer, engineer and pianist.


Creating sounds ranging from R&B and hip-hop to reggaeton and Brazilian funk, he blends his background and global-culture experience into the sounds you hear. Singing primarily in English, he introduces Spanish and Portuguese into his sounds as well, making him a truly one-of-a-kind artist.


His intentional use of sound is emotionally inspiring and unveils his technical background along with his understanding of both music and people. His selective use of words, ability to paint a picture and tell a story truly helps separate him as an artist.


You can listen to “More” here:




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