Folk Singer Jack Symes Releases New Single ‘I Need To Be Alone’ l Music News


Brooklyn folk singer Jack Symes has unveiled his latest single “I Need To Be Alone”. This song was written while he was living in quarantine and spending time on the roof of his parents’ house, with the propelling drums and swirling guitars invoking a euphoric reverie reminiscent of Amen Dunes.


Over the guitar-led background, the stellar voice of the singer settles perfectly and gives us the impression of making a road trip on the cliffs by the sea under a grey sky.


This song will be featured on Symes’ next album of Tompkins Park, which was born during a car ride to his new home, Brooklyn, and his first months there. The twelve songs on his album ask the question “Are you on your own or are you all alone?”.


Inspired by doubt and locked in isolation, Jack Symes’ second album is a tribute to the willingness to spend time with oneself and make peace with those parts of oneself that have been neglected. Written while he was uprooting his life, and recorded in the vagueness of life under a pandemic, the deeply personal songs are at the same time utterly universal.


The singer thus drew his inspiration from his new New York life during a very troubled period such as that of isolation, questioning our perception of loneliness, is it voluntary or suffered?


Listen to “I Need To Be Alone” here:




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