Foo Fighters To Open A Pub In London To Coincide With Album Release | Music News


To coincide with the release of the Foo Fighters’ ninth album titled Concrete and Gold, which is released this week on 15 September, the American band announced that they will open their very own pub in London this weekend.


The Foo Fighters Arms will be functional from September 15 and September 20 and will be located at 339 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9LH. Foo Fighters fans will be able to buy exclusive mechanising and the Foo Fighters official beer. The leader of the band Dave Grohl announced on twitter that the new pub will also be hosting special events during the five-day.


The band published the official logo of the London Pub on twitter, it shows two dragon skeletons holding a shield – a play on the coat of arms for the City of London; at the bottom of the logo are the Latin words “Domine Dirige No“, which translate in English to “Lord, guide us“.


If you are in London this week, you cannot miss this big opening. Make sure to order one or more pints of the Foo Fighters beer. And maybe if you are very lucky, you could meet one of the band members.



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