Former ‘X Factor’ Contestant Rachel Adedeji Joins ‘Hollyoaks’ Cast | TV News

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Former ‘X Factor’ Contestant Rachel Adedeji Joins ‘Hollyoaks’ Cast | TV News

Rachel Adedeji


Former X Factor star Rachel Adedeji has joined the cast of Channel 4’s Hollyoaks as the real Lisa Loveday. Fans of the soap opera have already been introduced to Sonia Albright (played by Kiza Deen) – a troublesome imposter who has stolen Lisa’s identity. Determined to reclaim her family after fourteen years, Adedeji has been billed to be a loud party animal and to certainly cause a stir.


Speaking about her new role, Adedeji explained: “I am so excited to have joined Hollyoaks and be part of the Loveday family, who are brilliant actors and already feel like an extension of my own family! It is quite a pressure to be coming in as the real Lisa Loveday as she is such an anticipated arrival in Hollyoaks village”.


She continued, revealing how Lisa’s past experiences have turned her into an unstoppable force: “I think it’s fair to say that the audience have hoped that we would at some point get to meet the real Lisa, and although I can’t say too much, the fallout is big and far-reaching. What has happened to Lisa so far in her life has turned her into a tough cookie and it has been great to bring that to life on screen”.



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