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Everyone has secrets, including our favourite stars. Some hide the fact that they enjoy watching guilty-pleasure TV shows or playing at platforms like, but others have more serious secrets, and being bullied is one of them, even though it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Here are four stars that overcame that problem at school.


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s friend once told reporters that Kate was bullied at school, her classmates called her names, and stole things from the future Duchess’ locker, but she was too soft and sweet to fight back.


Despite her difficult years at Marlborough High School, Middleton received a decent education that allowed her to attend the prestigious University of St. Andrews, where she met her future husband. We bet those guys today are biting their elbows at the sight of Prince William’s spouse.



Marshall Mathers has changed several schools. The future rapper was constantly beaten. Almost every day he came home bruised and bloody. At the age of nine, after another fight, young Eminem lay in a coma for about two weeks. The boy’s mother couldn’t take it anymore and sued the school authorities.


Seeking solace, Eminem took up hip-hop and spewed all his anger in his lyrics. The rapper’s mother claims that the school years made her son like that – his songs are often traced to anti-social motives, protest and unwillingness to conform with this world, but this has not prevented Eminem from becoming not just popular but a respected artist among his peers.


Angelina Jolie

During her school years, Angelina Jolie was far from a goody-goody. The girl wore black clothes, brightly colored her eyes and drew crosses and coffins in her notebooks. She could not find contact with her peers, spoke rudely to her teachers and refused to study. Angie was forcibly sent to a therapist.


Her vivid appearance, which has also often become a cause for ridicule, determination and creativity have led Angelina to the Walk of Fame. Today, her filmography is filled with cult classic films, Jolie herself is the standard of beauty and femininity, and her desire to help all the disadvantaged causes deep respect.



Rihanna was constantly bullied as a child. In an interview, the singer said that it often came to fist fights, children cursed her, and she did not understand why.


Despite all the insults, Rihanna never considered herself a victim. The singer calls this period of her life an invaluable experience that helped her to stop reacting to attacks from others.



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