Fox Hires Brian Michael Bendis To Write Tim Miller’s Kitty Pryde Project | Film News

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Fox Hires Brian Michael Bendis To Write Tim Miller’s Kitty Pryde Project | Film News


Deadpool director Tim Miller is developing a solo Kitty Pryde movie at Twentieth Century Fox, as was reported around a month ago, and the project has now moved forward, as a writer has been hired and the film now has a temporary title.


Brian Michael Bendis has been hired to write the script, which should excite comic book fans as he’s a prolific comic (Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers) and TV writer. The project also now has a temporary title, codenamed 143, a nod to Marvel’s X-Men issue in which Kitty Pryde is alone in the X-Mansion over Christmas and must fight off invading demons.


Whether that title is any indication that the film will be based at least partly on that issue is unclear, though it would tie nicely into the tone of the upcoming New Mutants movie, which is expected to be very horror-centric. It’s also unclear whether this standalone project will tie in to any other X-Men related films.


Right now Fox seem happy to simply release the films pretty much as standalone projects – Deadpool, Logan, The New Mutants – which they can later fit together if need be. For studios, the beauty of interconnected universes is that films barely have to fit together at all until they suddenly need a big team-up event film for that extra box office revenue.


Miller is currently producing a Sonic The Hedgehog movie for Paramount and will be directing the new Terminator film currently scheduled for a 2019 release. Combine that with the impending merger between Disney and Fox, and it’s hard to know when this Kitty Pryde movie will actually be arriving.


Approval of the merger will take anywhere from 12-18 months, so there’s still plenty of time for the project to fall apart and for fans to be bitterly disappointed. Getting Bendis on board is a positive though, and we’ll now wait on more details regarding the script.



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