Fox Set To Remake Idris Elba’s BBC Drama ‘Luther’ | TV News

Luthor gets an American remake

Luthor gets an American remake[/caption]


Fox are going to remake the hugely successful BBC crime drama based around a genius detective Luther. Applauded for its dark, gritty and visceral aesthetic whilst delivering strong storytelling with a standout performance by Idris Elba, Fox are set to launch a remake of the London based show with no details announced yet other than it’s reportedly being produced by Idris Elba. History has shown that not all shows do well being taken from England to America, such as The Inbetweeners which only lasted one season and Life On Mars which again failed to get a second season. However there are some successes Elementary, Being Human and Shameless all got American makeovers, and all garnered great success, so hopefully Luther will follow that pattern.



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