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When I hear tracks like “Lying On The Moon”, I get depressed at how sensible my own taste has become of late. It also makes me realize that the cobwebs urgently need blowing away from a lot of ‘trending’ music. This latest track from Francesca Belmonte follows on from “Stole”, a song which is smart, restless and ingeniously well crafted. Both tracks are tasters of what’s to come on her debut album, due for release via Adrian Thaw’s (aka Tricky’s) label, False Idols in Spring.


The creative combination of Francesca Belmonte and the legendary Tricky seems to have bettered music. ‘Lying On The Moon’ is driven by a flavour of jungle drums and notes, both of which perfectly reflect the introspective nature of the lyrics and vocals. The remaining part of the track is interspersed with rapping, where the words seem to vibrate and shimmer almost imperceptibly.


The idea that a musical match this good is rare, is simply not true. It just doesn’t ever seem like it’s going to happen to musicians when they get morose. Clearly it was the right place, right time, right people. If Tricky’s musical career path on Wikipedia is completely accurate, he’s had a pretty amazing rise to notoriety. It almost makes you believe in destiny mixed in with determination. The path must have been one of blinding uncertainty.


You can really feel that inborn artistic hunger to escape the mundane disappointments of everyday life (like popping out for your semi skimmed while realizing your lover’s complete lack of imagination) at the core of this track. An easy 8 out of 10. Check “Lying On The Moon” out here.




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