Frank Darabont Exits ‘The Huntsman’ With Emily Blunt In Talks To Play Villain | Film News


After taking a break from movie making to focus on directing television like The Walking Dead and Mob City, director Frank Darabont was meant to be helming the Snow White and The Huntsman spin-off The Huntsman, starring Chris Hemsworth. Despite his work on the script, the Shawshank Redemption director won’t be continuing with the project, according to Deadline. Rumour has it that ‘creative differences’ are the reason behind his leave, similar to why he stopped filming during Season 2 of The Walking Dead.


Deadline reported that despite the differences, Darabont left amicably and the studio are now furiously looking for a new director to step in right away. While The Huntsman loses one talent, it could gain another as The Wrap reports that Into The Woods star Emily Blunt is in talks to play the villain role in the movie. Blunt would play the sister of the first film’s villain character, Ravenna, played brilliantly by Charlize Theron.


Snow White and The Huntsman was a disappointing film from Rupert Sanders, with Theron’s menacing performance pretty much its only redeemable quality, so the idea of a sequel didn’t thrill me at all. However, not that Blunt’s name is into the mix, there could be hope for this Huntsman flick still. Blunt has been proving her leading lady capabiilities in her last few roles and seeing her in a darstedy villain role could be interesting! Here’s hoping.


Source: Collider 



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