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Frank Ocean 11.07.2016ANDREW


Frank Ocean fans looking forward to his new album, Boys Don’t Cry, may also be in for some creativity of the novel variety. Apparently while deciphering the JavaScript code on Calvin Klein’s website, someone came upon some revealing information. The singer, of course, stars in the designer’s #mycalvins campaign.


A lengthy statement was found within the code, and one particular part of it was most curious. It reads as follows:


“[Frank Ocean] is known for being a perfectionist and a pursuant of creativity in all forms. He resists pressure and follows his own vision. He has published a magazine and worked on a novel while continuing to perfect his highly anticipated second album”.


Earlier this month, Ocean also teased a July release date for the response to 2012’s channel ORANGE. Speaking of the written word, he was said to working on a magazine to accompany the album’s release.



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