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It’s interesting to observe how some artists are so big, that all they need to do is post a vague message on social media and leave the whole world guessing what was meant by that. Frank Ocean has mentioned an upcoming album in November but now he shared another teaser on his Tumblr account.


There’s a photo of a guy wearing a yellow cap that reads “If you liked 2017, you’ll love… 2018“. And a brief caption saying “new 18-99“. That’s it, no more explanations, which is probably not necessary – it’s enough to get all the fans very excited.


Back in 2012, Frank promised to have 5 albums before he turns 30. His 30th birthday was in November and there’s still only 4 albums out (nostalgia, ULTRA; channel ORANGE; Endless and Blonde). Nevertheless, he gave his fans an excuse that: “Well I made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that bitch out!


The latest releases throughout 2017 include singles “Chanel“, “Provider“, “Lens” and “Biking” featuring Jay-Z and Tyler, The Creator as well as contribution in N.E.R.D‘s “Don’t Don’t Do It!“. During the year, Frank also debuted with his blonded RADIO program, which lasted until August.



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