“Closer To The Sun” is the new single from Frank Rensen and to be honest, I can’t stop listening to it. The combination of the slow and soundful guitar acoustics and his voice gives me chills. It feels like the song reflects hopes and dreams as well as the unknown and the dark sides of desire.


The longer you listen to Frank Rensen, the more you will get addicted to his voice. Rensen, a singer and songwriter from the Netherlands is a passionate and skilled finger style guitar player, who is still looking for his significant and unique style and sound.


This single definitely shows that this low indie pop and folk genre suites him and it appears, that he is finding his vibes. In 2018 he recorded and produced his second EP, which was named 1/2 and released in February 8, 2019. His second EP called 2/2 will be released on April 24, 2020.


It sounds like Frank Rensen´s song “Closer To The Sun” is about himself and his ongoing commitment to music, his guitar and his dreams. He does not say what he overcomes but every time he does, he “comes closer to the sun”. In the end, only his goals and purpose in life matters, listen to it below.




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