Frank Zappa Documentary Directed By Alex Winter In Early Development | Music News


Documentaries following the lives of past musicians are being made more and more frequently – both Amy and Cobain: Montage of Heck have been hugely successful this year – as they show us the lives of loved talent who got caught up in the whirlwind of fame, and died tragically and too young.


Alex Winter, who starred in Bill and Ted has been given the approval to create the documentary about Frank Zappa – an American musician, songwriter and composer. He also dabbled in producing and directing feature length films and music videos. Zappa explored the worlds of punk, rock and classical music with the band The Mothers of Invention and also as a solo artist.


Winter will hopefully capture Zappa’s passion for freedom of speech along with his interesting and complex views on the education system and religion. Zappa’s son Ahmet stated about the documentary that, “this is not an easy story to tell and we trust that Alex truly understands the complex and multifaceted man that my father was“. The documentary is in early stages of development and is aiming to be released for 2017.



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