Frankie Boyle And Nigel Farage Continue Feud On Twitter | TV News


This past week has seen a Twitter row between comedian Frankie Boyle and UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The latest in their dispute involves Farage complaining about panel show left wing comedies being populist against his party, which is quite the contradiction considering his party use pseudo populism in order to gain popularity. He basically complains that his party is an easy target and that they are victims of a biased agenda. Boyle hits back, pointing out the importance of calling out immoral hypocrisy, and continues to stand his ground against Farage.


Let’s get real this isn’t politics, it has nothing to do with politics, it’s about as touching as Russell Brand’s vain interpretation of revolution, is British comedy really becoming so dire and witless? Perhaps we need Stewart Lee to tell us all what he thinks about all this. It’s embarrassing, and here’s some food for thought for the reality of comedy on what it can actually achieve: Like the great Peter Cook said, “those café satirists certainly stopped Hitler didn’t they”.



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