Freak Fashion Causing A Stir At New York Fashion Week | Fashion News


One-off couture fashion can leave a lot to be desired and it seems designers at this year’s New York Fashion Week have gone from the bold to the downright ballsy (literally!) in a mind to demand our attention. It seems fashion is crossing boundaries in 2015 with everything from men with chainmail across their faces to men donning thongs. It’s all gone a bit pete tong but if you thought that was bonkers, you ain’t seen anything yet. During the Telfar show, it seemed men in dresses was the latest ‘it’ thing and it definitely had heads turning. The show had everything from entire torsos on show to the black dress but with an arm exposed. It left a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering if 2015 is the year of the cross-dressing metrosexual male? Who knows.




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