French 79 Drops Music Video For ‘By Your Side’ Featuring Sarah Rebecca | Music News

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French 79 Drops Music Video For ‘By Your Side’ Featuring Sarah Rebecca | Music News


French 79, an up and coming producer from Marseille, has revealed the visuals for “By Your Side”, his recent collaboration with Paris-based singer Sarah Rebecca. More new music from French 79 will follow soon, as the musician is slated to drop his brand-new album Joshua later this Autumn.


Simon Henner, also known by his stage name French 76, produces memorable electronic tunes with a hint of nostalgia. He draws inspiration from the likes of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Soft Machine, as well as TV soundtracks that have always fascinated him.


“I use a musical palette that plunges me back into my teenage films: the synth sounds of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, Jacques Cousteau’s fascinating documentaries on the marine world, the melodies of François De Roubaix, the moods of films like ‘Blade Runner’”, the producer says.


Music from French 79, who debuted back in 2014 with an EP named Angel, has appeared in such TV productions as Russian Doll, Gotham and Now Apocalypse. He’s also contributed to a big Cadillac campaign and created tunes for top-selling brands, including Red Bull, Jimmy Choo and Yves St Laurent.


Now, the artist is ready to release his next full-length, Joshua. The introspective album inspired by events from Simon’s childhood lands on November 8 via Alter K. French 79 previously teased the upcoming record with music videos for “Hometown” and “Hold On”. The most recent single, “By Your Side”, is one of his numerous collaborations with emerging singer Sarah Rebecca, hailing from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.


Watch the video for “By Your Side” here:




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