French Cameroonian Artist Dirtsa Drops New Single ‘Give It Right Back’

French-Cameroonian artist Dirtsa has just dropped her second single of 2021 and it is titled “Give It Right Back”.

This single is a slow and soft song with some electronic beats to give some rhythm in the sweet melody. Dirtsa’s vocals are just perfect for this R&B single and once you listened to it you might want to hear it again and again!

“Give It Right Back” is about the fragility of love, the fact that you can have a strong connection as well as strong feeling for someone but at the same time there is fragility in this situation.

In the chorus, Dirtsa is singing: “And we dance and laugh / We’re on and off / The thing is good but it might break huh / yeah it might break huh.

About her song, Dirtsa explained: “This song is about how fragile love can be. Such an intense connection and feeling with someone else but there lies so much fragility there at the same time. On one hand everything clicks and make sense, it’s good and thrilling and so beautifully raw. And on the other, together you have to make it through time and everything that comes with it and it just not so easy.

This was me reflecting on that and sadly for me it was a one way kind of attraction since in the end, after all the good that came with it since I was the one giving more whole heartedly and I didn’t realize how fragile it would end up being. So it broke my heart when it ended but it had to.

I grew a lot from this and when I sing this song now, I’m at peace. I really do think it’s a beautiful piece and when I sing it I no longer hurt, I smile because I’ve grown and it okay.

Dirtsa is a 23-year-old artist, she is originally from Cameroon but now lives in France. She is what we could consider as a modern-day definition of a Rennaissance person that cannot be put in a box because she is present in such a large scop of art, she is writing, painting, singing, rapping, reading…

With her pen and music, she challenged herself with a duty of story-telling and remembrance of her ancestors as well as all people who fought and continue to fight for racial injustice all around the world.

With her recent releases of several singles and an upcoming EP, Dirtsa is definitely becoming a rising star with incredible talent as she was won 2021 Pernod Ricard Music Competition in France. She has become an emerging talent to watch.

Listen to Dirtsa’s new single “Give It Right Back” here:


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