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“Somewhere”, the new single from brooklyn-based singer and composer MAPT, real name Florent Bariod, was released on March 27, with a video! MAPT, the Forent Bariot project is the acronym of “Meilleurs Amis Pour Toujours”, “Best Friends Forever” in english.


The artist comes from Besançon, France. He has been playing music since his teenage years. In 2010 he moved to New York City and created the rock group Brightest Color. MAPT’s eponymous EP was released in 2016. He is also a computer engineer and creates his videos himself. He uses creative coding techniques to create images that perfectly match his electronic pop sounds.


He has been hailed by Phonograph Me, which said about him “A magical mix of synthesizers and a melodious electronic Pop”, but also by Synthpop Your World “Definitely a french artist that is worth keeping an eye on his next releases” and Mishka DJ Mapt, an ardent supporter of analog synthesizers and drum machines, continues to amaze”. 


In his recent single “Somewhere” the artist evokes the idea of what could be beyond the Earth, and beyond the moon, where humans have never gone before. With this, he delivers a mesmerizing video, totally in tune with the music.


Watch the video for “Somewhere” here:




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