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It’s sunny outside, it’s time to relax and let some beautiful music melt you into bliss. Luckily the quirky New York duo Frog have just released an album full of tunes perfect for unwinding with a drink and some vitamin D. Their LP, titled Kind of Blah, is a mix of garage-pop and country twang, combining gorgeous, lo-fi guitar with old school Americana vocals. Like Beach Fossils meet REM in 1950s Louisiana.


Kind of Blah was recorded in a disused bowling alley. The production is crisp and engaging nonetheless and almost minimalist at parts. Opening song “All Dogs Go to Heaven” starts the LP off with an impassioned expansion of guitars and hints of folk. There is a lot of indie influence within Kind of Blah – track “Catchyalater” being the standout example. It builds and progresses with stunningly subtle piano riffs merging across soft vocal hums.


The track “Judy Garland” was initially premiered back in March and is featured on the LP. It’s the most lively song, made so by its high tempo drums. It even gets a touch of banjo to top it off. Finishing the album is the two parter “Bad Boy (Kind of Blah)”. It’s separated into two sections, with a hidden bonus part that literally cries out and melts into a spectacular conclusion. Kind of Blah is out via Audio Antihero and is the follow up to Frogs 2013 self-titled debut. Steam the album below from Frog’s Bandcamp.




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