Frontman Vipzz Releases ‘Paradigm’ EP | Music News



Frontman Vipzz is back with a brand new fire project, Paradigm, which follows on as the second part to his previous release with his collective, Internal Vibes Family (I.V.F), the New Era EP.


Continuing on with the same theme of new generation grime complimented by old school influences each track is a projection of Vipzz’s stance on the current UK scene and how his actions and morals have changed from his generation and the next.


It therefore made sense to title the project Paradigm with it being a word used to describe the way in which a person sees and perceives the world.


Influenced by the likes of Dot Rotten, Ghetts and grime royalty, Dizzee Rascal, you can expect rawness, lyricism and infectious beats on this project with the EP bringing together the emcees 90s childhood and 00s influences throughout.


Listen to Paradigm below.




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