‘Frozen 2’ Adds ‘Hidden Figures’ Writer Allison Schroeder | Film News


Although production is underway on Frozen 2, it’s only the voice recording stage, as the screenplay isn’t yet fully complete. Before anyone panics that this is one of those dreaded films that somehow heads into production before a script is even completed, this is rather normal for animated features.


Plus, Allison Schroeder, who penned Hidden Figures, has been brought on board to work on the screenplay, but this isn’t because of a subpar script. It’s due to Jennifer Lee, who wrote the original Frozen as well as A Wrinkle In Time, and has now been elevated to co-directing the sequel alongside Chris Buck, while also remaining the lead writer.


She was also recently promoted to head of Walt Disney Animation Studios in the wake of John Lasseter‘s retirement after reports of sexual harassment surfaced. Basically, she’s got a lot on her plate right now, and bringing in an Academy Award-nominated writer such as Schroeder to help with the Frozen 2 script is sure to alleviate some stress.


Schroeder also has some experience with Disney, having worked on the script for the live-action Christopher Robin that launched earlier this month. Although voice recording is underway, with returning stars Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad and Idina Menzel being joined by Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown, animation itself is likely in the early storyboarding phase.


As mentioned, this isn’t uncommon. Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur had recorded a large portion of dialogue before director Bob Peterson was removed, and the story was subsequently overhauled with almost the entire voice cast being replaced. And that film still turned out to be pretty solid. So Frozen fans have nothing to worry about. The film is still scheduled to hit cinemas on November 27, 2019.



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