Full Crate + Mar – Man x Woman (Mar Edit) | New Music

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Full Crate + Mar – Man x Woman (Mar Edit) | New Music


Mar has already had an incredible year and now to top things off, the Amsterdamer delivers a hair raising, mind blowing utterly captivating, acoustic version of the “Man x Woman” song. I’m guessing you have already heard the original version, unless for some reason you were recruited by NASA and were out of touch for the past nine months, but just in case I will say this – the original showcases Mar’s stunning vocals working around an exciting fresh beat that was created with partner in crime Full Crate.


Now moving on to the edit, which is such a simple and raw creation that features just a guitar and Mar’s unexplainable vocal arrangement that comes with a falsetto which is literally out of this world (maybe Nasa brought it back from a trip into space). The song goes hand in hand with the raw production of the video as it is shot in black and white, and like the edit, features nothing but Mar doing his thing and doing it better than most. All in all, this production is flawless just like Mar’s hair in the video, so sit back and enjoy… and ladies try and control yourselves and don’t get get too jealous that he can sing higher than you probably can!




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