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Fumez The Engineer has releasing a brand new episode of the second season on his Plugged In series season 2. The premise of the show is about getting various rappers together in Fumez’s studio to rap over the same production, with this season finale also featuring special guests in the studio judging the freestyle.


The special edition season finale sees UK drill groups 410, CGM and TPL come together to lay down ruthless ad well-executed rap verses. with interesting wordplay and flow. The result is a heavy hitting track that comes with an excellent blend of visuals of the rappers in the booth and the special guests listening from the studio.


It provides an insertion of the audience into their world and how they record in studios, and it makes for an incredibly interesting video for those who are interested in the UK drill and rap world.


Hailing from West London, Fumez is not only an executive producer as the Plugged In series reveals, but as his name suggests, he is an audio engineer as well, and his ‘Studio With Fumes’ project, which he built from the ground up, has been offering studio sessions, recording services and audio engineering to the UK rap scene for over a decade.


Watch the new episode of Plugged In below:




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