Funk-Soul Band Jank Setup Return With New Single ‘Prince Of Something’

Funk-soul band Jank Setup have returned with the lead single of their upcoming debut album. Entitled “Prince Of Something”, the single is the follow-up to the band’s three 2019 singles.

“Prince Of Something” is giving us a first glimpse of what we should expect from their genre-blending album. The single has an upbeat, fun, and danceable style – qualities that define Jank Setup’s production.

The single has an uptempo trumpet, a mellow guitar as well as a drumbeat combined with some rhythmic instrument. Their vocals are perfect to harmonize the song. When you are listening to “Prince Of Something” it is impossible to not feel all the good vibes that are in the song.

Jank Setup are from New Orleans and emerged out of Tulane and Loyola Universities’ bustling music scene. The three singles they released in 2019 met some considerable success in the form of streams but also reviews and placement on popular Spotify playlists.

According to the members of Jank Setup, the sound of the band can be defined as a hearty beef stew of funk and R&B, seasoned with soul and a little bit of jazz. For now, the release date and the information about their upcoming album have not been disclosed but stay tuned for more information!

Listen to Jank Setup’s new single “Prince Of Something” here:


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