Funny Man Rob Riggle Joins ‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’ Cast | Film News


The casting for Legendary’s zombie video game adaptation Dead Rising: Watchtower steams roll into action with funny man Rob Riggle joining the team! Rob Riggle, known for his performances in Step Brothers and 21 Jump Street, joins the cast as Frank West. Frank West was the protagonist of the original video game Dead Rising in 2006 and now Riggle will play West, a veteran photojournalist who knows a thing or two about zombie slaying!


Other big names to have joined the cast include, Aleks Paunovic, Harley Morenstein, Meghan Ory and Jesse Metcalfe. Considering Riggle was a correspondent for The Daily Show, reported from Iraq and he also served in Afghanistan as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, it seems like he’s a great choice for a realistic and entertaining performance! Keep an eye out for more information on this zombie slaughtering flick!



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