Future R&B Duo Cool Company Unveil New Single ‘Error’ | Music News


The independent future R&B duo Cool Company, comprised of dynamic vocalist Cool Yan and multi-instrumentalist and producer Fat Matt, have just released their latest single “Error”, one of the several new tracks they are set to release throughout 2020.


Cool Company find inspiration in artists like Outkast, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino, as the group amazingly blends elements of hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul, creating notable melodies that made them receive over 25 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music.


As the duo got the attention they deserve with their most recent EP, The Dose Pt. 1 EP, which successful singles “Bust It Open” and “Summer Sickness”, Cool Company are now working on their full-length project that is expected to be released later this year.


Talking about their new single “Error”, the duo said it is “about the frustration of knowing who you want to be and stumbling in the process of getting there. An apology to those you hurt on the way, while quietly reminiscing what you could have been”. This jazzy R&B track, with its remarkable melody and smooth vocals, will surely light up your mood, so make sure you do not miss Cool Company’s latest single!


Listen to it here:




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