G FrSH – Right This Time | Music Video


This is one for the music video enthusiasts out there, you need to check out the new video from G FrSH for his single “Right This Time”. Released today on SBTV, the video sees G FrSH in black and white visuals, which in itself is nothing new if you have seen his other videos. However this new offering is a little more distinctive. A word of warning when you watch this video – it’s not your internet, I promise you it’s not your internet!


Directed by Jak O’Hare, the video for “Right This Time” is crisp, uncomplicated (depending on how you look at it), and altogether just a great idea for a creatively different approach. Admittedly some might not watch it on repeat, because it’s probably not good for your eyes, but it is an intriguing watch that does fit nicely with the single. “Right This Time” is the first single on G FrSH’s latest EP Alfie which is out now, (and whilst you’re looking that up, listen to the lovely track/fan-favourite “Falling High”). Enjoy the video below!




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