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Photo cred: Christopher Cargill
Photo credit: Christopher Cargill

It’s a beautiful return to the spotlight for the talented R&B/Soul songstress Gabriella Vixen. With sensational singles “Maybe” and debut single “Golden” steadily garnering the numbers, she provides us with another upbeat number in the form of new cut “Old Mistake


“Old Mistake​” ​spins a relatable narrative that speaks from a place close to her heart, and ​affirms the strength in the realisation that follows that brief heartwarming moment, once we snap back into reality. The new track leans on both R&B and Pop sensibilities with its playful production, signalled by its toybox melody which chimes the whole way through. Shout out to Eddie Serafica on production.


Gabriella proves time and time again that she is more than capable of creating hits which are ready for the radio.


Speaking on ​”Old Mistake”, ​Gabriella states:


“Old Mistake affirms the strength in the realisation that follows that brief, fluffy, heart-warming moment, once we snap back into reality…it’s about finding the strength to bump into someone from your past, someone who you thought you loved, but treated you badly and finding the strength to leave them in the past, where they belong. Without making that same Old Mistake”.




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