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Singer Gabrielle Papillon is also known as “one of the finest songwriters” in Canada and, for this reason, her musical work may not require any introduction. Moreover, she has now come back to the stage with a new album, her seventh, titled Shout. Through the creation of this last musical work she let her expression to be guided by a journey towards self-acceptance and courage.


She embraced this mission not only for herself, but above all for others, for the people who listen to her songs, trying to find a way to love each other a little more, without pressures. The soul of the album lies in the lyrics, the powerful ingredient that makes her musical creations unforgettable.


“Last Deep Breath” is a song from her new album. Her clear and pure voice sings with confidence followed by a slow and spiritual drums beats and a low piano chords. Alongside with her voice, there is a powerful choral singing, and even the sound of her breath. “Every aspect of my personality, and especially things I have grown into, makes an appearance in these songs,” says the canadian singer.


She sings with admirable pride about how people should free themselves from the external impositions of society. It is a gentle invitation to just be yourself fearlessly, taking the right strength from this song before turning into a better, more complete person. Just be fearless and move forward.


Listen to the song below:



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