Galactikäi + Zoe Kypri – Antinostalgia | New Music


Burgeoning London producer Galactikäi makes his imprint on the musical landscape with “Antinostalgia” – his remarkably delicate and introspective debut release featuring one of the most gorgeous and recognisable voices in UK garage in Zoe Kypri.


Evoking a thought-provoking aura, this humbling instrumental is both playful and soothing. Combining a rare and placid touch of transcendence to 90s R&B sounds, the young producer has created something unique and throwback in equal measure. The production quality hits the sweet spot but without doubt Kypri’s vocals elevate its entirety.


Already working with the likes of cult emerging singer/songwriter Bassette and having been a longtime collaborator with the likes of Artful Dodger, the young beatmaker’s readies his inaugural EP set for release this summer and “Antinostalgia” definitely serves as the first of a slew of releases and as a stand-out introduction to those unaware of his talent.


Prepare to hear a lot more from the young beatmaker in 2018; with enough finesse to supplement a rich vocal like Kypri’s and keep it fresh in the same instance is the mark of a very talented young artist.




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