Gallant – Gentleman | Music Video

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Gallant – Gentleman | Music Video


After almost dropping off the radar musically post-Ology, R&B sensation Gallant returns back into the fold to show off his signature vocal styling with a powerful brand new single and re-introduction “Gentleman“.


His classic upper register and effortless falsetto is back on show once again in such a captivating way. This is slow and deep. A mature R&B vibe that is simple and pure. “Gentleman” is a bold return, painting Gallant as an old-school romantic. Layers of soft tones and coos as he serenades and almost seduces his lover. One simple question though – “Tell me, have you ever had a gentleman?”


He completes this latest release with a steamy new video, courtesy of Sasha Samsonova that’s a must see. A timely salute D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, it’s continuous panning shots of a topless, glistening Gallant singing his smooth words and calling for his lover. A single this good, you can only imagine what his forthcoming album will sound like.




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