‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 5: The Door | TV Review



As we hit the midpoint of the series that has gone beyond the books this episode delivers a huge emotional punch in the way only Game of Thrones can.




I’m going to jump straight into the finale of the episode. A fan favourite and perhaps the only truly selfless character with no political agenda sacrifices himself to save his friends. The origins of Hodor’s name is revealed as he seemingly meets his demise. The action scene is masterfully crafted and intertwined with Bran’s vision of the past as the three eyed crow is slaughtered and Bran warg’s into young Wylis creating Hodor as he is instructed to ‘Hold the door’ by the fleeing Meera.


The show runners have confirmed the origins of the character to be from the author George R R Martin himself and it’s another shocking reveal that we have come to expect from this series.


After the gut wrenching finale you almost forgot there was a whole episode before this which included another overdue emotional crescendo. Jorah finally declares his love for Daenerys to the lady herself and she commands him to find the cure to his greyscale so he can be where he belongs, by her side. An understated moment of redemption for another fan favourite with all involved giving top class performances.


Sophie Turner continues to intrigue with her new found confidence as she confronts the devious Littlefinger. She begins to play her own Game of Thrones as she is selective of what information she reveals to Jon Snow. This also led to the re-introduction of the Tully’s as the Blackfish has gained control over Riverrun.


The wall was again also responsible for the best lighter elements of the episode with Tormund grinning at Brienne in his own special way and the new Lord Commander slipping into his duties.


The Kingsmoot of the Iron Islands also came and went this episode with the re-introduction of the scheming Euron Greyjoy. Yara and Theon are forced to flee with a large fleet and they will be sure to be a big player in this series on the seas.


Tyrion is briefly seen wooing the High Red Priestess who is the first character to ever make Varys squirm in an enlightening encouter. Also revealed is the children of the forest created the white walkers after punishing a man who was supposed to protect nature from mankind.


Hold the door.



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