Garðar Ólafsson Captures Stunning Visuals Of Iceland | Inspiration


A short video to brighten up your weekend. This fantastic video gives another insight into the volcanic rock that is Iceland. Having been there in February this year , I can say that no video will ever do this place justice but this does get it pretty close! With some fascinating angles using the newest technology and drone cameras, Garðar Ólafsson, whose name is as cool as his videos, has spent ‘the last few months’ in Iceland capturing some of its spectacles. Including Iceland’s most famous waterfall ‘Gullfoss’ or Golden Waterfall, which in itself is an inspirational sight, as well as some furry Iceland PONIES (don’t call them horses… I learnt that the hard way), and some of the odd and Norse-inspired churches found out in the sticks of this enchanted island.




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