Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Is ‘Lost In A Limbo’ According To The Hollywood Reporter | Film News


Earlier this week at the Cannes Festival, audiences flocked to see the highly anticipated Gaspar Noe film Love – I assume most of them would have known they were going to spend over two hours watching people have lots of sex, but for the ones that went to the premiere without this vital bit of information: Did you not see the poster?


In her first-hand review, The Hollywood Reporter journalist Leslie Felperin says that without the sex scenes, the film is a “wistful, some may say sappy story about heartbreak”. She says that in comparison to Noe’s 2009 dark and despairing fantasy drama Enter the Void, Love is “pretty innocuous, hardly shocking at all”, which is pretty disappointing, first and foremost for Noe – He is an auteur that relies on overstimulation and outrage to maintain his creative impetus.


Felperin then asks the important question: “Is it any good?”. That she leaves to your subjective experience, and what you expect to take away from a film like this. Ultimately, Felperin isn’t certain if Love will cause commercial waves because of its lack of shock value, and adds that the sex scenes in the film are “nothing one couldn’t see without a couple clicks on the internet”. Well I guess that settles it. Read the full review here.



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