Gene Simmons Blames Fans For Killing New Artists | Music News


Gene Simmons has blamed fans for destroying and not supporting new talent by getting free music. In the past, the Kiss star also blamed music fans for “murdering” rock music. The rock star spoke to Ultimate Classic Rock saying , “I blame the fans. Because the fans have decided en masse – in other words, the masses have decided – that they should get free music, download, fileshare. You’re killing the next Elvis [Presley] and The Beatles and the next Kiss and the next whoever, because you have to give your music away for free“.


He also said, “it’s disappointing, because they would prefer not to support a new band… It affects the next great band, who won’t have a chance. Why? Because the talent isn’t out there? It sure is. The fans killed it. They killed the infrastructure“. Taylor Swift famously stood up to Apple Music about not paying artists during their free trial period and now Simmons is blaming the fans. Who really is at fault? and is there any way to stop file sharing and distributing free music?



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