George Miller Considering Two Scripts For ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel | Film News



Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller has two scripts to choose from for the movie’s sequel, and it really should not come as a surprise, what with the surmounting success the film has gained since its release. Whilst Miller has insisted that he would like his next project to be a much quieter film than that of Mad Max, it does not necessarily mean that a sequel is not underway. If anything, he’s probably taking his sweet time with it.


When speaking to Top Gear, Miller explained that due to a long road of disruptions and delays, the extra time taken to produce the film through less than ideal circumstances resulted in two extra scripts. As Miller is still talking to Warner Brothers about the next film, it is just a matter of choosing which story would be best for the next film. Whilst he is unsure as to which story that will be, it is quite certain that the next Mad Max film will be titled – Mad Max: Wasteland. Excited yet?


Mad Max: Fury Road is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download.



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