Georgia And The Vintage Youth Release Their New Single ‘Color Blind’ | Music News


Georgia and her retro-pop band The Vintage Youth have released a brand new single titled “Colour Blind”.


They have built quite a good reputation since 2019 by playing to thousands on a 50-date support tour and have managed to continue to generate a relative interest of their public after that. In 2020, their momentum continued when they signed out with Talentbanq for a new EP: Overthinker.


With the Covid-19 pandemic not being and still not easy for anyone, Georgia and the band have carried on with their passion for music to launch a new project and continue to believe in their dreams.


Indeed, Georgia still recorded an Elvis Presley cover together with Mo Pleasure and John Waugh which was released as a special Covid Charity single.


According to her, “Colour Blind” can best be described as a ballad, in fact regarding this, Georgia said, “I wanted the first half of the song to have a lullaby vibe so that it would feel dream-like, to contrast with the very honest lyrics”.


“The song then heads for the bridge with sharp horn stabs and some darker lyrics to feel like the dream is turning into a nightmare”.


Georgia inspired herself with a Marilyn Monroe speech to deliver the key message of the single and said, “I’ve always liked films in monochrome but living life in black and white is dull. The song is about acknowledging that you’re not really ok but then brushing it off so that nobody notices. Not addressing or talking about your struggles, which is quite damaging.”


We are thrilled to see what is coming for her future projects!


Listen to “Colour Blind” here:




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