Gerard Butler To Star In Action-Thriller ‘The Plane’ | Film News


Gerard Butler is set to star in another action thriller. No, really. The Scottish actor has boarded The Plane, which is based on the book by Charles Cumming. The film follows a commercial pilot who heroically lands his storm-damaged aircraft in the middle of a war zone, only to find himself caught between the agendas of multiple militia who are planning to take the plane and its passengers hostage.


Cumming co-wrote the script alongside JP Davis (Violence Of Action). Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce.


Make all the jokes you want, but Butler has carved out a niche as an action star. His Fallen franchise has consistently performed well at the box office – the last instalment grossed a healthy $133 million worldwide – and the amount of action films he churns out means he must be doing something right.


He’ll next be seen in Ric Roman Waugh‘s thriller Greenland, before breaking away from action and appearing in Jamie Foxx‘s upcoming basketball comedy, All-Star Weekend. Production on The Plane is scheduled to begin in the Spring.



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