Gerard Depardieu Stars In Salacious New Trailer For ‘Welcome To New York’ | Film Trailer


Gerard Depardieu‘s performance in Welcome To New York looks like nothing I’ve seen him in before. I have very fond memories of watching him in Green Card and Bogus throughout my childhood – those memories are gone. The new trailer for Abel Ferrara‘s Welcome To New York is a sexually charged, nude affair that’s fueled by greed, power and secrecy. Check out the crazy synopsis;


“Inspired by one of the most high-profile public implosions in recent memory, Welcome to New York follows a prominent international banker (Depardieu) as he spirals out of control during a drug and sex-fueled trip to America—culminating in a shocking incident involving a hotel maid and his subsequent arrest. Jacqueline Bisset co-stars in this provocative portrait of a man whose fall from grace sent shock waves throughout the world.”

The film is meant to be based on a true story, but the trailer and general premise sounds so crazy and all round gross that I’m finding it hard to believe. Sheer curiosity is making me want to give this movie a chance but maybe not. You wont be finding this movie at the cinema but it will debut on VOD on March 27, 2015.



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