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Ever since My Chemical Romance’s break-up back in 2013, ex-frontman Gerard Way has released his debut solo album Hesitant Alien, followed by a number of live shows, without abandoning his passion for comic books. (In fact, he recently created a comic book series under the name The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite.)


One would imagine that this man has no time for social media; on the contrary, though, he has been very active! Way has been posting every funny detail of his life on Twitter over these last couple of years, with fans reveling in his day-to-day happenings – from making pancakes to visiting London.


However, there comes a point when even the ‘multi-taskiest’ of us have to call it a day! Way announced on Twitter yesterday, “I have enjoyed the last few years on here. Met some cool people, learned a bunch. But I feel a little overloaded from it.” The musician mentioned he’s working on new things which demand his undivided, ‘Twitter-free’ attention.


Check out the tweets below:







Is it ok to wish for a new album during his ‘social absence’? For now, here’s “Millions” from Hesitant Alien:




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