German Artist And Producer KUOKO Releases New Single ‘Yellow Fever Gaze’

Hamburg based singer and songwriter, producer and visual artist KUOKO has released a new song called “Yellow Fever Gaze”. Taking a justifiable angry attitude at men’s fetishisation of Asian women, she writes her powerful lyrics and mixes it up with a playful upbeat pop. This new single will feature her debut self-titled album that is set to be released on 22nd of October via Kabul Fire Records.

After the release of two EPs and millions of streams under her name, she is turning her attention into her first full length album. She’s progressively making herself be known and capturing listeners with her powerful words, finding her voice and identity as an artist.

She claims that she’s giving herself a voice by speaking about important topics and that this albums lyrics are less dreamier from the ones on her EPs and are more direct. As a Vietnamese-German woman, she talks about the theme of the song and its message: “I first heard about ‘Yellow Fever’ a couple years ago. It explained to me something that I had been experiencing all my life, but until that point didn’t have a name for“.

To grow up as an Asian looking woman in this society means that at times, you will feel objectified, reduced to your looks, reduced to a man’s fantasy. The way Asian women are portrayed in the media, is unfortunately limited to clichés. The submissive one. The seductive Geisha. The ‘fierce dragon lady’. Instead of being seen as the complex individuals that we are, we are being categorized. It feels dehumanizing and is a limitation, a burden”.

KUOKO also has artistry with visuals, making her own artwork and working on her music videos with Jasmin Luu, another Hamburg resident filmmaker and directress that has started a new feminist, multi-disciplinary collective called SEOI, that KUOKO is also a part of.

Listen to “Yellow Fever Gaze” here:


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