German Artist Cloudy June Unveils Her New Single ‘High Waist To Hell’ | Music News


Berlin-based dark pop artist Cloudy June has released her new single “High Waist To Hell”, a powerful track set to make her solo career take off in the best way, after she was the singer of a death metal band for three years.


Cloudy June is a 21 years old singer from Berlin who has uploaded her first self-made demos on Soundcloud at the young age of 14, and she has been proving her talent ever since.


Her first EP Heartless, out in December 2018, made her receive more than 30,000 streams on Spotify in a few months, in June 2019 she dropped her successful single “Somewhere In Between Us” and earlier this year she went touring through Germany, performing as part of the backing ensemble of the celebrated indie artist Kat Frankie.


Featuring her deep voice and driving rhythm, Cloudy June’s tracks go beyond the boundaries of musical genres, as she creates a unique sound blending elements of indie-rock, pop, soul and heavy metal.


With “High Waist To Hell”, Cloudy June proved her talent of combining different musical influences, as her latest release amazingly mixes electro pop sounds and hard rock vibes, while her rich voice grabs the attention of the listener from the very first beats of the song. If you want to be completely captured by this pulsating track, check out the lyric video accompanying the release!


Watch it here:




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