German Artists Lie Ning And Novaa Release New Single ‘Story Untold’

Berlin based artists Lie Ning Novaa and Novaa have released a new single titled “Story Untold“.

Novaa is a singer-songwriter, producer, and artist who always discovers the beauty in the midst of chaos and translates her discoveries into songs. She not only writes and performs, but also produces her own songs.

She doesn’t always have an easy time in the male-dominated music industry, and as a result, she makes every effort to avoid gender preconceptions and labelling wherever feasible.

Lie Ning is a one-of-a-kind talent who sings, dances, models, and has an incredible voice. Furthermore, being a member of the LGBTQIA+, BIPoC, and PoC communities, she campaigns for them through participation and education.

The two have a lot to talk about, rather than diving into specifics about their individual tales, they’d like to establish a space for the untold, hence “Story Untold”, their debut single together.

Everyone has them: stories that may or may not ever be told. Questions that begin with the words if, when, or maybe. Fears and wishes that go unspoken, but that we’d like to learn more about. Despite their gravity, these stories and thoughts are significant. Novaa and Lie Ning’s joint song “Story Untold” creates a safe space for all those stories.

“Story Untold” is devoted to loved ones who had to face too many challenges at a young age and were never genuinely able to be children. With their single, Novaa and Lie Ning hope to create a space for these stories, a space where not only every fate is recorded, but also where all of our scattered thoughts and brains are brought together because only teamwork can bring healing.

Listen to “Story Untold” below:


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