German Band Flaming Fenix Release New Single ‘The Jailer’ | Music News


After six months of shutdown, the German alternative rock band Flaming Fenix are back better than ever with their latest powerful release “The Jailer”, which is set to pour fresh energy into your body.


Flaming Fenix were founded in 2015 by four friends and when another member joined them soon after, they formed the full band that has been conquering Germany’s stages over the years. Their music is a combination of the band’s different influences, enriched by the artists captivating vocals and meaningful lyrics about freedom, love, fun and sorrow that capture the audience of their shows.


In their career together as a band, Flaming Fenix have released their successful album The Joker, won several contests and performed live in notable festivals like the TUNIX and Digital Analog in Munich, and they are now set to reach more thrilling achievements in the future.


Their new release “The Jailer” focuses on the difficult past of singer and songwriter Markus, reflecting about and against bullying. Featuring driving rhythm, heartfelt lyrics and engaging instrumental, the new single from Flaming Fenix gives hope to everyone who has ever faced hate and injustice, as it delivers powerful rock vibes that will make your mind take off together with Flaming Fenix!


Listen to it here:




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