German Danish Duo Olicía Releases New ‘Go Go Go’ Single And Music Video

There’s a new song by German duo band Olicía. If you haven’t heard of them yet, make sure to stick for a brief introduction: Fama M’Boup from Berlin, Germany and Anna-Lucia Rupp from Copenhagen, Denmark are the vocalists and multi-instrumentalists behind Olicía. Together, they give the listener a variety of genres such as Soul, Jazz, Folk, Electronica and Global Pop.

And this duo has a new song for you to listen! “Go Go Go” is a collaboration with the renowned French harpist and songwriter Laura Perrudin and the single celebrates femininity and self-determination from the personal perspectives of the creators. Perrudin contributed with her unique electronic chromatic harp, making a new and refreshing sound for the listener.

This single is the last one before the release of the band’s double album Liquid Lines that will arrive on October 1. It comes with a video shot in Germany and counts with the two band members in the middle of a large and diverse group of women that are the most important and inspirational women in the artists lives.

As for these artists’ career, they have released two EPs in 2018 and 2019 and have performed countless concerts in the last years. The new album was recorded with Miles Deiaco at Monoton Studio in Berlin and counts with the presence of French harpist Laura Perrudin, Drummer Demian Kappenstein and Wencke Wollny.

As for the album constitution, there will be a regular 10-track digital album on available streaming services but the physical album comes with a surprise: it’s a 20 track/two disk affair, where each LP and CD functions as an entirely different version of the album regarding the lyrics, instrumentalization, grooves, collaboration partners and even language.

Make sure to give it a listen and enjoy the visuals while you’re at it:


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