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13 : 18 Querformat
13 : 18 Querformat


Munich based artist Klangplanet has recently dropped his brand new single “Goa”, delivering an engaging track where deep house genre meets the Indian city of Goa.


Klangplanet was formed in 2017 as the solo project of songwriter and producer Frieder Mollat. He started his music career in the mid-90s, he graduated from college in 1995 as musicologist and worked for notable labels such as Warner Music Germany and Universal Music Publishing Germany.


His rich experience in the music industry made him develop a passion for different kinds of music styles, a passion well represented in his new release “Goa”. This engaging single features pulsating rhythm, powerful instrumental, smooth vocals and backing harmonies that remind us of exotic sounds.


Together with his other recent tracks “Ipanema”, “Chinatown” and “Africa”, “Goa” is included in the self-released album from Klangplanet Voyage, which is due out April, 10, mixing deep house beats with toppings of soul, jazz and funk.


Even though right now traveling is unfortunately not an option, you have the incredible chance to discover a musical planet with no boundaries as you join the German artist on his journey to India, by listening to his latest infectious single “Goa”!


Listen to it here:




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