German Singer/Songwriter Finn Blacklaws Unveils Debut Single ‘Long Dinner’ | Music News


Berlin-based South African and German artist Finn Blacklaws has just released his first single “Long Dinner”, which is about his experience as a waiter in London, serving celebrities at fashion events and lapsing into his own dreams of stardom.


Produced by Alexander Khromov at Sonic Boom Studios in Berlin, the song is Finn’s professional debut. Khromov also works as a sound engineer for Universal Studios in Berlin.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the song and how it came around, the artist explains: “I see myself as more than a waiter, but many of those who I serve see only that side of me. Long Dinner is about the daydreams of my future that I lapse into while working. They keep the hope of becoming a full-time musician one day alive.


Finn Blacklaws injects funk and R&B into his acoustic-pop style. Having lived in six major cities and being trilingual, many of Finn’s stories revolve around finding his feet in a world where nowhere and everywhere seems like home.


Finn studied Media Production in the UK before working in post-production for TV in London. Currently, he is working as a post-production supervisor for a start-up in Luxembourg. He is also working on studying for a Master’s degree. Far from being a side hustle, music is his main passion.


You can listen to “Long Dinner” here:




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