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The German trio KOJ has released their latest single “Thunder” with a video clip! This single is part of their album HOME from Long Branch Records which will be released on April 24, 2020.


For the three musicians of the group KOJ, music is a family affair. Indeed, the band is composed of a married couple and the husband’s brother. Their songs are very much inspired by the rock music of the 90s. Their sounds are full of contrasts, sometimes raw, direct and wild, and other times more delicate and minimalist.


The group have even created its own musical house, in collaboration with the engineer and producer Beray Habip. The song “Thunder” is about the unanticipated changes of emotions, the events that take an individual from a state of happiness to a state of despair in a very short period of time. The light, danceable music is in contrast to the deeper, darker lyrics.


If you want to see them live, here are their next 3 gigs in Germany: March 22 at the Carlswerk Victoria in Cologne, March 23 at the Columbia Theater in Berlin and March 24 at the Grünspan in Hamburg. They will also be in the UK on April 30 in London, at the Islington Academy 2!


Listen to “Thunder” here:




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