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New York rising pop star Gianna Alessi has dropped a new single titled “From Within”, the tune is a mix of pop beats on the chorus and an R&B vibe on the rest of the song, also the artist has a very raw and soulful voice, while the lyrics talk about self knowledge and how she finds herself again by searching within in introspective fashion.


In the spring of last year, the singer and songwriter played her biggest live show at Arlene’s Grocery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, accompanied by her band, the show was so successful that it was sold out, however days later, the whole world faced the pandemic and the first lockdown, which discouraged the artist massively.


She used the time away confined to work extra hard on her music, such as using a lyrics journal, where she first wrote “Been down lately, I’ll admit. Want to breathe, want to feel, too much time in my bed”, and what later became her latest track, which was then produced by Joey Auch, even though they had never seen each other when they started working together.


She comes from a family of artists, having her first vocal lesson at the age of nine, her music is impacted by jazz and soul, drawing the attention of music blogs and radio stations, as she has a retro timbre of voice, she is also planning to record her upcoming album this year.

Listen to “From Within” below:




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