Gillian Jacobs To Star In Amblin Horror Movie ‘Larry’ | Film News


Gillian Jacobs has signed on to play the lead in the upcoming horror-thriller Larry at Amblin, which will be based on the short film of the same name by writer-director Jacob Chase.


The story revolves around a troubled young boy – who will be played by Azhy Robertson (The Americans, After The Wedding) – and his family who become a target of a monster that has materialised through electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. The project is said to be in the vein of the old school family-related Amblin horror such as Poltergeist.


This is a good role for Jacobs to take, a super talented actress who has been looking to expand her career outside of her best-known role on the sitcom, Community. She starred in three seasons of the quaint, nice Netflix sitcom Love, but has also been stuck in very unappealing comedies such as Ibiza and Life Of The Party when it comes to the silver screen.


Hopefully this switch in genres means she can find a project that matches her talent. It’s also no surprise to see studios greenlighting high-concept horror films with modest budgets like this, as similar films such as A Quiet Place seem to be striking a chord with audiences right now. The Nun, just released, is also tracking for a huge opening despite being made on a relatively small budget.


Cameras for Larry are scheduled to begin rolling in very early October in Toronto.



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